Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)

I came, I climbed, I failed!
k, here's a little quizzipoo for you....where in the world is pocket edward?

This will test how "special" you are a
nd whether you get to ride on the longer bus or the short bus!
Here I am planning on how I'm going to climb this monstrosity! It's bigger than I thought.

Now I feel bad, I had bragged to my human the whole trip how I was going to use my pocket vampire SKILLS to climb to the very very top of the Eiffel Tower.

Ummm...shouldn't have done that...should've gotten a little lookipoo before I ran my big fat pocket vampire mouth!So, from the boost of my human's hand I jumped as high as my non-moving pocket vamp legs would let me jump. I managed to get a hold on the bottom of the tower, but I have to admit

Dude I was high up!

I tried to climb up from there and kept saying to my self *i think i can i think i canI was on a little bitty ledge...dude..I am immortal but this scared me to DEATH how do those humans just walk under the tower like that like lalala it's no big

This is what I saw when I got up to the top...even my bouffant blew in the wind, we were really high up! Yes, I rode in the lift thingie...I tried to climb, but couldn't conquer it. I asked my human with my head hanging low.
I felt so guilty I took this picture of my human. say cheese or whatever...human girl!
Okay after all, turned out all I could climb was this little tiny pocket version of the eiffel tower. I was feeling low. My human is nice after all she bought this for me to have.

So, to sum up, I cannot climb the Eiffel Tower! Not even with my Pocket vampire skills, some things are just not possible even for the great PE!

I'm out! Later, I'll tell you about my human's trip to Roma!

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