Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pocket Edward Goes to Paris

Okay, see we all know Edward is old right?
Well, he loves him some art!

So, guess what me, his favorite human did? I took him where the best art in the world is! I took him to the Louvre (pronounced Loove) museum!
Take it PE!

Hey guys it's me PE, this me in the courtyard at the Louvre museum. I was a nice day that day, not too sunny and not raining. My human hates rain! So, because I love art so much, I was so excited, I almost did a dance, but my human would be embarrassed!

I hope it is okay that she didn't buy me a ticket, but still snuck me in, in her purse. I had to go through the x-ray thingie..wonder what they thought when they saw my little plastic outline? Whatever! I got in free! My human can be crafty!

Here I am explaining this golden talisman to my human. It was pretty much just the "bling" that hung around the three Napoleon's neck to show they were ballas, shot callas, you know the norm...dudes were Emperor for crying out loudWe moved on quickly. Did I mention my human has ADD and she has a huge not caring problem when it comes to this beautiful artwork! Until I met my B I was alone ALOT

So what I did was read every book I could get my hands on including the most important book ever....The Bible...duh!

this is a picture of the Marys under the cross right as Jesus dies. It's beautiful, but like I said my Human had ADD so I got a picture to show B when I get home. Then we moved on cause my human was complaining!These are cool, they are almost PE sized. These are way older than me. They make me look like a newborn compared to them. They are Ancient Egyptian drawings of......
I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA, they obviously died out for a reason!

Whatever!K I have to say that I'm a little bit of a trouble maker, especially when "B" is not around to keep me in line.

Here you see me looking like I'm explaining something, but I'm actually KNOCKING ON THE GLASS!

Remember I said that, my human snuck me in her purse. Well, I just ruined the secrecy. So my human snatched me up and we ran out through the door we came in.
Here we are upon our exit. So since, we were not welcome inside we explored outside.hehe...right here it looks like I'm touching the pyramid thingie! It's funny...didn't do it on purpose, but cool!!!!

Here I am later, pointing out that oh so famous pyramid thingie...There is one big one and one little one...yay it's also an entrance to the aforementioned museum that I (and my human) was thrown out of.

Here is the Lily Pond, I bought this print for B but my human threatened to leave me on the bus forever if I didn't give it to her..she's mean!!! Anyhoo, me and Claude Monet (the artist) we used to hang...I have the original at home anyway. I'll give that one to B and tell her it's fake.
that arch back there behind my little pocket arms was built for some victory that Napoleon Bonaparte you know the first short guy (like me) won. So I thought in honor of that I would make the victory symbol with my arms. It's also, the touchdown or good kick sign in American football it's universal like that I try to perform for all my peeps! Sup guys


We went to this big old gawdy French castle called human said they used to eat cake there or something...dunnoAll I know is the damn castle was really far away!
Also it was huge even from my human's point of view

This is me pointing out to my human how ugly that gold gate thing is over there...yucky! It's too damn shiny.....ahhhh...too much sun!

The Volturi are gonna get me, put me back in the purse now!

So she put me back in the purse where I was sure to be safe at least until we were inside out of the sun!

Okay, in case everyone forgot, I'm a pocket vampire! Hello!
My human took me to this hall in the big ass palace I showed you before and she took my picture in this room with all these mirrors....ummm...hello pocket vampires do not have a reflection


Look at the background.....


I know I'm cool....I'm the shizz...I know no need to bow to my awesomeness...okay if you want!

out for now! More pics to come...maybe...

Yeah...tomorrow I conquer the Eiffel Tower!!!

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