Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pocket Edward Explores Paris! Yay!

Once upon a time a little 7 inch plastic doll that resembled this man:

went to Paris...carried in a purse by a very Twilight obsessed human woman

Pocket Edward was so excited because he's a huge ART lover!
So, you may ask, what did you do first?

GO TO THE LOUVRE, MAIS OUI!!! (of course)

So, we toured all these plastic and glass cases, filled with famous art, I guess.
Pocket Edward wanted to free the artwork from its box, like his human freed him from his plastic cage. (Opened the box)

See little Edward is very little and so were these little Ancient Egyptian thingies...

See PE is also 108 years old, so a lot of the paintings in this museum were not old to him...as he had been to some of the artist's houses...like Vinny Van Gogh! He and PE have hung out!
Before he painted Starry night! (it was really Edward's skin sparkling, but don't tell)

yeah he and Claude Monet (pronounced Moh nay) hung out a lot too in his town of Giverny (pronounced Jee-ver-nee) when PE gave him the idea to paint the lily pads in the garden pond...whatever! (see below)

Quit your name dropping...brag much? Geez!

so in other words, these paintings were not considered "old" by vampire year standards

To tell you the truth: I don't really care! The little guy just got so excited he kept babbling on and on...blah blah blah!

Ummm... I don't know what was in this box.  Pocket Edward started knocking on the glass and I had to snatch him up and run at vamp speed so we didn't get kicked out...little trouble maker!

so we walked, and he talked about all the paintings and I put my ipod earbuds in, he couldn't see from so far down and we walked and he talked....BORING!

I sometimes wonder if he even knows how to have FUN!

so anyhoo!

hehe it looks like he is touching the pyramid...

It was so sunny but PE is plastic he doesn't sparkle like said vampire above!

So here he's pointing out the significance of the pyramids and how that and all the boring stuff above is tied together....

Pocket Edward: This pyramid is a significant and new part of this most famous museum
Me: I will drop you! Don't make me drop you in the fountain over there! Shut up! You sure do talk a lot! No more! *covers ears* 

*Puts him in purse*

hear muffled words coming out of purse


Poor little guy he was just excited!

PE proceeds to try to bite me with no success!  

Ha! see size does matter!

Finally, feeling sorry for him, I let him out of the purse, (when he stopped jabbering), and he was so mad he threw up his little pocket arms in frustration!

PE: This stuff I'm saying is important, stupid human girl, don't you care about history?
Me: No, not even a little bit! 

*PE throws up hands in disbelief*

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